How to analyze SleepControl data

You have probably been using the Sleep Control App for a few days, and collecting with it very valuable data that will help you determine if your snoring can really be a health problem. In our previous article we explain what parameters are measured by the Sleep Control App, so we advise you to take a look so you know everything that this Sleep Measurement App can do for you. However, you may not be very clear about what to do with all these graphs and with the information contained in them. In that case, follow the simple steps that we indicate in this article, and you will soon learn how to get the most out of Sleep Control. <! - more ->

First of all: Know your probability index of having a sleep disorder

The first step to be able to draw practical conclusions from the Sleep Control charts, is to know which is your Probability Index of Chronic Respiratory Disease (IPERC). It is a value that you can only know if you use the Sleep Control App for at least 1 session, and that yields a value that goes from 0 to 100. The higher the index, the more likely it is that your snoring is a symptom of something more serious. To know this Index, follow these steps: 1st: Start the Sleep Control App, and next to where it says "Record Session" click on the Menu icon To display it:  analyze sleep control start screen 2nd: Once in the Menu, select the Solutions </ strong tab >:  analyze sleep control menu 3rd: Your IPERC will be reflected in the following bar:  analyze sleep control solutions

Interpret your IPERC

Now that you know what your IPERC is, it's time to know what the figure you obtained means. We have divided the results into four blocks:

If your IPERC is less than 25 ...

In this case, you should not worry, your values ​​have a normal situation. We only recommend that you regularly monitor your situation, measuring yourself with Sleep Control at least once every three months, and thus see if your level is maintained or increases over time. Surveillance is important, and there are many factors that can lead to a sudden increase in your IPERC, such as weight gain, or alcohol consumption. Watch for those circumstances, and come back whenever you can to Sleep Control to verify that you are still at the correct level.

If your IPERC is between 25 and 50 ...

Your level shows that there are certain indications that point to the possibility that you suffer, or end up suffering, a chronic respiratory disease. That is why it is important that you observe your habits, and try to modify them, since small things such as reducing alcohol consumption, or changing posture when sleeping, can greatly help you get a better rest, and therefore reduce your IPERC. If your Index is in these figures, we recommend that you use the PREMIUM Sleep Control App, which includes the pulse oximeter, a device that will measure your pulse and blood oxygen level. With it you can obtain much more complete measurements, which will help us calculate your IPERC with greater precision. Watch your level regularly, and don't let it go up!

If your IPERC is between 50 and 75 ...

In this case, your index begins to be something of concern, and you need to take urgent measures to start decreasing it as soon as possible. In addition to the change of habits that we have commented, with such a high level of this Index it is advisable that you consider going to your doctor to advise you of some treatment to follow to reduce your snoring. Go first to your GP, and show him the measurements you have obtained with Sleep Control: he will refer you to the appropriate specialist, whether dentist, ENT or pulmonologist. And of course, keep measuring your snoring every night with Sleep Control, and monitor that level closely so it doesn't go up any more.

If your IPERC is greater than 75 ...

If your level is above 75, the risk of chronic respiratory disease is quite high, so you should take immediate steps to redirect the situation. If you have not been to the doctor for this problem, it is very important that you do so, since it is the only person who can indicate the most appropriate treatment for you. In some cases, the most extreme, the snoring is solved with surgical interventions, aimed at relieving airway pressure. In this case, more than ever, complement your measurements with Sleep Control Premium, measure your snoring daily, and don't let your level go up one more point.

Get down to work to reduce your IPERC

You already know what your IPERC level is, and with it you can get an idea of ​​how serious your problem is with snoring. But wherever you are within the Index, it is always good to observe a series of habits, which can make you reduce your snoring, or prevent you from ever having them. And these habits are:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Change posture during sleep: the best posture to avoid snoring is on your back; try to adopt this posture when you go to sleep.
  • Avoid taking medications that can disturb your sleep
  • Decrease alcohol and tobacco intake

If none of this It works, you can choose to use the various anti-snoring remedies in pharmacies, such as lubricants or nasal dilators. There are also people who have reduced their snoring using air purifiers, or special anti snoring pillows. Try all these remedies, and measure your results with Sleep Control, to see which one works for you.

Go to your doctor for treatment

In cases where your IPERC begins to be worrying, it is recommended that you go to the doctor to advise you of a treatment that helps eliminate or reduce your snoring problem. Among the medical solutions that currently exist to treat this problem are:

  • Systems that Prevent the Language from Shifting
  • Mandibular Advancement Systems
  • Nasal Surgery (Yes applicable)
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure System (CPAP)
  • Palate Surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery

< hr /> Measuring your snoring with Sleep Control is easy, but the most important thing is that you draw conclusions from the data obtained, and take steps to reduce your snoring. We hope this tutorial has helped you to better understand what you can do to improve your level of rest. Remember that we are at your disposal in the email, where we will answer all the questions you have about the use of the App.