The adventures of a great snorer

Comparison Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and SleepControl with Pulse Oximeter

What is snoring?

How to use the SleepControl App?

The Sleep Control team has developed a unique App in the market, the closest thing to doing a sleep study in your own home, without having to sign up for long waiting lists to go to a hospital to do a polysomnography. But we are aware that sometimes it is difficult to learn to manage …

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How to analyze SleepControl data

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What We Measure in a Session

How to connect the Pulse Oximeter to SleepControl PREMIUM


Hello, my name is Peter Snore and I have a somewhat serious problem: I snore almost every night. That's why I don't rest as well as I should, and sometimes I get sleepy during the day. In my blog, you will discover the tricks I use to avoid annoying snoring, and to know what helps me get a better rest at night.

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