How to connect the Pulse Oximeter to SleepControl PREMIUM

It is done in three steps in this order: 1. Activate the Bluetooth connection on the Smartphone / Tablet (Follow the instructions below according to Android or Apple) 2. Turn on the Pulse Oximeter and insert your finger on the finger 3. Link the device to SleepControl PREMIUM .

1. Activate the Bluetooth connection on the Smartphone / Tablet

Android Devices To connect a device via Bluetooth, you must first activate Bluetooth on your phone or tablet. Important : If multiple users share a tablet, remember that everyone can change the general Bluetooth settings. Note: Some of these steps only work on Android 9 and later. See how to check your Android version. Activate Bluetooth

  1. Open the application Settings  of the device.
  2. Touch Connected devices and then Connection preferences and then Bluetooth. If the "Connection Preferences" option does not appear, go to step 3.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth.

Tip : To save battery, turn off Bluetooth when not in use. It is disabled in airplane mode. Apple devices To activate Bluetooth you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Enter the Bluetooth section
  3. Activate on the control, placing it in green.

2. Turn on Pulse Oximeter and insert your finger into the finger.

Turn on the pulse oximeter by pressing on the button once the cable is connected to the finger. Insert your finger into the finger, you can do it with the index finger, heart, ring finger or little finger, in which the device reads the data and feels more comfortable. If figures appear on the screen the reading is correct. Two figures are shown on the screen: the first is the level of oxygen in the blood with larger numbers and another of smaller numbers, which are the beats per minute.  The pulse oximeter will turn off the screen after 30 seconds, but continue measuring and sending data, if you press the button the screen will illuminate again transmitting the readings. If we remove the finger from the finger at 10 seconds it will turn off completely, to turn it on it will be necessary to press the button again and insert the finger into the finger as in the photo, if the finger is not inserted, it is not properly placed or does not read correctly on that finger, the pulse oximeter will go out. The Pulse Oximeter button when pressed consecutively rotates the screen and activates and deactivates the beeps.

3.Link the device in SLEEPCONTROL PREMIUM

Enter the SleepControl PREMIUM application in the menu main (Android top left, Apple in the bottom bar) click on the RECORD option:  Now you can start recording the night session that the Smartphone will collect so much data that they come from the Smartphone's microphone (snoring, obstructive apneas, sound level, etc.) such as the data coming from the Pulse Oximeter (Blood Oxygen Level, Oxygen Desaturations, Blood Oxygen Time below 90% during the test: CT90 ).