Comparison Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and SleepControl with Pulse Oximeter

We want to compare the results obtained with different applications such as analysis of the data collected during the night, for this we have those obtained with the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 activity measurement bracelet that transmits the information to your Application on the Mi Fit Mobile, from which we get the information. On the other hand Sleepcontrol which is an application designed for sleep analysis, data is taken from the mobile (sound) and there is an option of an external bluetooth device to measure the pulse and blood oxygen. To make the comparison, I slept at night with both devices at the same time and now we compare the data shown by both Applications on the same stage. Below are the external devices of both Applications:

 Berry BM-2000A pulse oximeter Berry BM-2000A pulse oximeter [/ caption]
 Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet 3 Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet [/ caption]
Berry BM-2000 pulse oximeter, arranged in hand and finger Pulse oximeter Berry BM-2000, arranged in hand and finger [/ caption]
 Xiaomi Mi Band 3 wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 3 wristband [/ caption]

The SleepControl Mobile App measures the values ​​of snoring and obstructive apneas SIN the pulse oximeter shown here, only with sound, makes filters and obtains the number of snoring and the number of obstructive apneas, showing them in a graph on a timeline. Sleepcontrol is an application focused on the analysis of sleep, counts snoring, counts obstructive apneas and records the most prominent episodes of the night, between 20 and 25, to show the sounds produced by the user. The volume is also recorded in a continuous graph that shows the ups and downs that occur during the night and rates this level as Mild, Medium and Strong. Mi Band 3 is a solution aimed at monitoring the exercise, like so many others in the market, for sleep gives us values ​​gives a rest score and marks us in a timeline if the dream is deep, light or awake. In the following screens we see what information each of the applications of a night provide:

 SleepControl Results SleepControl Results [/ caption]

Mi Band 3 Results Mi Band 3 Results dos [/ caption]

Mi Band 3 Results Mi Band 3 Results [/ caption]

Mi Band 3 Results Mi Band 3 Results [/ caption]

MiBand 3 we ap Listen to the following information: • I have slept 6 hours and 59 minutes • The deep sleep has been 1 hour and 8 minutes. Located at the beginning of the night. • Light sleep 5 hours and 51 minutes • Wake up time 0. • I fell asleep late • I sleep better than 81% of users. SleepControl gives us: • I've slept 6 hours and 57 minutes • The time I've been snoring is 1 hour and 53 minutes • The number of snoring has been 977, 140 snoring at the time • The number of obstructive apneas 44, 6 obstructive apneas at the time • I have had 27 desaturations of oxygen in my blood, which have produced micro-awakenings in my brain and have not allowed me to reach the REM phase of sleep. When analyzing the time diagram Mi Band 3 only gives us an information of where each deep, light or awake dream occurs, in Sleepcontrol we have an information in the timeline of all the events that occur, collects data from the pulse oximeter every second of pulse and level of oxygen in blood, formed a graph that when enlarged we appear values ​​per time point, as the following screen shows:

 Extended SleepControl screen Extended SleepControl screen [/ caption]

 My Fit Pulse Screen My Fit Pulse Screen [/ caption]
 Left Screen Enlargement Left Screen Enlargement [/ caption ]

Following the data of MI Band 3 of the first hour of deep sleep, SleepControl indicates us for that space of time we have had e The highest level of snoring sound and more than half of the obstructive apneas of the night, which at the end of "that deep sleep" have produced the desaturations of oxygen created by the microdespertares. SleepControl marks an elevation of the Pulse at 1:01 hours because I get up to the bathroom and on the way back stop snoring for a while, this event is not picked up by the MiBand 3. At 1:20 I go back up in pulsations that If it is picked up by both applications. SleepControl analyzes in its solutions section the evolution of sleep in the last sessions and gives it a value through a weighted calculation of all the information it collects from the user. In My Fit this information is reduced to a resting level value compared to general sleep data based on the deepest, lightest and most awake sleep time. Here is the information from SleepControl with the indications to help improve rest:

SleepControl Solutions Screen SleepControl Solutions Screen [/ caption]
 Continuation of the SleepControl Solutions Screen Continuation of the SleepControl Solutions Screen [/ caption]

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